Weekly News Digest-August 1, 2016


BASF reports considerable decline in sales for 2016

Perhaps plastics are not so bad for the environment after all

Dyna Purge introduces new purging compound for polypropylene color changes

Great bargains are available in the PP/PE market

Star Plastics opening compounding facility in China

PolyOne acquires Gordon Composites and Polystrand

Chevron opens pilot PE plant in Oklahoma

Imports continue to drive down PP pricing

PP prices drop another penny

SABIC & Exxon Mobil plan major US complex

Ampacet expanding in Canada and consolidating in Australia

News Digest Week of 7/18/2016

The Front Page 2

Plastics remain material of choice for inject-able drug packaging

Chase Plastics sets up Mexican subsidiary

Spot PE and PP prices firming up

DuPont starts up mega-compounding plant in Shenzhen China

Austrian family tries to live without plastics for one year to prove health benefits

Sonoco ramping up production of plastic cans

Polymer based flexible hose market to reach 500 million kg by 2020

DSM’s EcoPaXX provides high hydrolysis resistance for automotive cooling systems

If you want to know why you should not use hydrolysis resistant nylon, read here