Weekly News Digest 4/16/2021

Weekly Resin Report: Price gap between contract and spot resin markets

The Plastics Exchange Market Update April 9, 2021

PP prices down, other commodity prices up in a turbulent March (behind paywall)

European plastic industry faces extreme raw material shortages and price increases

Raw material shortages pose threat to European production

Domo Chemicals develops new nylon 66 for laser welding applications

Avient launches new specialty toners for polycarbonate

SABIC launches recycled ocean bound plastic material

Teknor Apex launches FR nylon with high strength and superior surface finish

This Week in History

April 21, 1801: E.I Dupont DeNemours and Company was founded in Wilmington Delaware

April 22, 1987: GE Plastics trademarks Noryl GTX

April 25, 1961: Ravago is founded in Belgium

Weekly News Digest 4/12/2021

Weekly Resin Report: Supply/Demand equilibrium remains work in progress

The Plastics Exchange Market Update April 2, 2021

Commodity resin prices rise, but PP falls

Kuraray resumes production at Texas plants (behind paywall)

Hunt for resin continues, even as supplies improve (behind paywall)

Resin and scrap broker, Shaw Bros Co. files chapter 11 (behind paywall)

Americhem expands PA compounding plant (behind paywall)

Celanese adding capacity for resin and compounds (behind paywall)

RadiciGroup invests in new production capacity

Lanxess co-developing a transmission oil pan molded from PA6

BASF introduces new PPA for thin walled electrical connectors

RIP Hyman Shuman, founder of Shuman Plastics

Weekly News Digest April 5, 2021

Weekly Resin Report: Spot resin demand sets feverish pace, despite high prices

The Plastics Exchange Market Update March 26, 2021

Polypropylene resin pricing roller coaster continues (behind paywall)

Avient expands portfolio of recycled content TPE

AGC develops antimicrobial and antiviral material for film applications

Skepticism mounts over utility of biodegradable plastics

Radici sets $40 Million expansion in global polymers (behind paywall)

Braskem Idesa’s Mexico PE complex operating at 70% capacity (behind paywall)

A world of shipping woes taxes supply lines (behind paywall)

SABIC to launch new material made from recovered ocean plastic

This Week in History

April 6, 1865: BASF (Badishe Anilin Und Soda Fabrik) founded in Germany