News Digest 1/29/2017

Long Row of Typewriters

Westlake Chemical diversifies product portfolio

SABIC acquires stake in Clariant

Kraiburg TPE adds new compounding line in Germany

Study shows that PE can be recycled up to 10 times

Weekly Resin Report: Weather related supply disruptions bolster producers’ price increase efforts

PolyOne 2017 sales grow 

Pricing up in December for PP, PE, PS and PET

Mitsubishi starts up TPE plant in Thailand

Cold weather in Texas impacts PP supply

Commodity resin pricing summary for January

Lyondellbasell declares force majeure on PE

SABIC’s new PP line in the Netherlands is now operational

Celanese reports full 2017 earnings

Celanese announces price increases for PP and nylon products


News Digest 1/22/2018


LyondellBasell decalres force majeure on polyethylene

Ascend to increase prices for Nylon 66 on Feb 1

Winter weather impacts Houston area polymer plants

Weekly Resin Report: Polypropylene contracts expected to soar by as much as $.10/lb in January

Polymax TPE to increase capacity

Thai materials company, Indorama wants to buy M&G Polymers PET facility

Federal Government undertaking a criminal investigation against Citadel Plastics

Kraiberg TPE introduces new medical grades

Clariant opens new masterbatch plan in Saudi Arabia


The Santoprene Durometer Mystery


I have always known that the two-digit numbers in the Santoprene grades referred to the durometer hardness of the grades. For instance,  Santoprene 101-55 is a 55 Shore A, 101-73 is a 73 Shore A, 101-87 is an 87 Shore A etc. Sometimes its good to verify the things that you know to be true.

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