Vegan Automotive Interiors?


Recently, the former front-man of the band The Smiths and well known vegan activist, Morrissey, sent a letter to GM CEO, Mary Barra, suggesting that General Motors offer a vegan interior option in their two electric vehicles, the Chevrolet Volt and Bolt.

This got me to thinking. Are automakers missing out on a market by not offering specific animal product-free vehicle option packages? The only auto company that currently offers a package like this is Tesla. The now defunct soon to be reborn Fiskar used to offer a vegan interior with their “Ecochic” option package in their car which was called the Karma.

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Helping Your Customer Pick A Color


Editors note: This article is not sponsored by Pantone LLC®.

What do you do when you have customers that are trying to pick colors for a new product? You can send them to the website of a color concentrate manufacturer to look at the stock colors that they make but that won’t provide many options.

I would suggest that you have them look at Pantone® colors. If you are not familiar with Pantone colors, let me explain.

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News Digest 11/21/2016

Citizen Kane

Solvay’s Ryton PPS used in new racing electric coolant pump

A. Schulman makes cuts to it’s middle management staff

New Alliance of North American plastic recyclers

New lock out rules for Michigan injection molders begins January 1, 2017 Also here

Weekly Resin Report: Election results rattle resin export market

Solvay launches new nylon materials with improved heat performance

Elix Polymers introducing new lower density PC/ABS grades





All About ABS

Not those kind of abs

While everyone reading this has at least some familiarity with ABS, I wanted to take a more in depth look at ABS and how it’s made. As it turns out, there are several methods for making this commonly used material and knowing how it’s made might help you recommend the right material to your customer.

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News Digest 11/7/2016

The Front Page Newsroom

Plastipack acquires recycler, Evolve Polymer Ltd

Ineos purchases WL Plastic

Evonik PEEK polymer used in new line of eye glass frames

PolyOne launches new specialty materials and expands in India

Weekly Resin Report: PE prices dip

Ineos Styrolution purchases K-resin unit from Chevron Phillips

Lanxess offers new nylons and polyesters for welding plastic parts

New computer system causes delivery delays at SABIC

Polymer Technology & Services expands Tristar range of flame retardant PCs