Nylon -vs- Polyester


Boxing in heals?

Although nylon 6/6 is much more commonly used than polyester (PBT) for injection molding applications, you might be surprised that these materials are relatively similar in properties.

There are, however, a few differences that might make one or the other better for a particular application.

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News Digest 12/19/2016


PET containers with metal vacuum closures could replace glass

Weekly Resin Report: Processors limit PP purchases, anticipating further, possibly elusive, price cuts

Polymer Technology and Services expands the Tristar line of flame retardant PC 

Carbon fiber reinforced plastic market to grow 12% per year

Solvay to sell Thai PVC manufacturer to Asahi Glass


Is There a Replacement for Polycarbonate for Food Contact?


I was walking through a local store the other day when I came across a new line of Rubbermaid food storage containers that intrigued me. What caught my eye was the fact that these containers are crystal clear. They can’t be made of polycarbonate, which is a big no-no for food storage containers because of BPA. The recycling code on the container is #7 which is “other”. Polycarbonate would fall under the 7 recycling code also but so would many other materials. What is this material?

I had to buy one to find out.

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Of Cheap Oil and Fracking


A new geological survey performed in Texas has revealed the largest oil discovery in US history. An area that encompasses Lubbock and Midland Texas is now estimated to have 20 billion barrels of oil and 1.6 billion barrels of natural gas according to CNN. This discovery of shale oil is 3 times larger than the discovery in North Dakota that lead to the oil boom there that started in 2006 and ended in 2015.

You might think that this discovery is really good news for the United States. But there is one problem.

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