Condensation and Polypropylene


A common and frustrating problem with polypropylene materials and especially filled polypropylene materials is surface moisture on the pellets. Polypropylene is not hygroscopic so it does not absorb moisture out of the atmosphere but if the pellets have moisture on the surface, it will cause the same problems as you would experience running wet hygroscopic material like nylon. You will experience splay and loss of physical properties.

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News Digest 10/15/2018


Weekly Resin Report: Spot markets are off to the races

The Plastics Exchange market update 10/5/2018

Upward pricing for commodity resins with exception of PP

Celanese to acquire Indian compounder Next Polymers

French industry group warns of global PA66 shortage

Shell petrochemical complex on track

Hurricane Michael to impact PVC pipe manufacturing

Hurricane Michael causes shutdowns



News Digest 10/8/2018

Citizen Kane

Weekly Resin Report: PE market turns bullish

The Plastics Exchange weekly market update 9/28/18

PE, solid PS, PET bottle resin prices rise while PP prices slide

Ascend showcasing new PA66 grade for automotive applications

Clariant plans to sell off pigments and masterbatch business

French automotive plastics association warns of impending crisis amid PA66 Shortage

SABIC will spin off Ultem, Noryl and LNP


News Digest 9/24/2018


Weekly Resin Report: Spot pricing for commodity PE grades under pressure

The Plastics Exchange market update: 9/14/2018

Mitsui Chemicals to add long glass fiber polypropylene capability at Advanced Composites plant in Ohio

Mitsubishi to open new PVC plant in China

Ravago building Ohio distribution center

Lanxess expanding capacity in Germany

BP’s South Carolina PTA plant restarts after Hurricane Florence

Ravago purchases material distributor Bolcof Port Polymers

Clariant and SABIC to form joint venture

Univar to acquire Nexeo




News Digest 9/10/2018

Long Row of Typewriters

Weekly Resin Report: Spot market ends strong month with slight lull in trading

The Plastics Exchange market update 8/31/2018

Lego builds full size Bugatti Chiron that drives

Ineos Styrolution to acquire 2 production sites in China

General Polymers to distribute Trexprene TPV line for Mitsubishi Chemical

PET bottle resin and nylon 66 prices on the rise

Ravago acquires material distributor I. Stern & Co.

BASF to increase nylon 66 by $.38/lb on September 15th

Pricing trajectory is flat to down for most volume resins