Weekly News Digest January 24, 2022

Weekly Resin Report: Trading activity starts the new year with a bang

The Plastics Exchange Market Update 1/14/22

Prices drop for polyolefins and PET

TotalEnergies to commission new PP reactor at its plant in Belgium

Arkema to increase capacity for its Pebax brand TPE

PolyPlastics develops new joining technology for plastic parts

Dow to increase PE prices for January and February

More price increases planned for PE in February

New ExxonMobil and SABIC JV petrochemical plant int TX starts up

Braskem expands propylene export capability at NJ plant

CAI Performance Additives introduces new light stabilizing masterbatches

OCSiAI introduces new graphene nanotube concentrate

Sun Chemical develops new “intense” blue pigment

This Week in History

January 29, 1938: Paul Schlack at IG Farben invents nylon 6

Weekly News Digest January 17, 2022

Hexpol TPE develops bio based TPE for Yoga Mats

Fire at PMC Biogenix plant may impact film grade additives

Ascend to build nylon feedstock plant in China

Medical PVC industry in Europe fighting back against paper urging the phasing out of PVC

Thailand’s PTT forced to shut down LLDPE plant over technical issue

Oman’s OQ Chem shut down PP plant due to sea water backflow issue

This Week in History

1/17/1977: Monsanto registers the brand name Santoprene

Weekly News Digest 1/3/2022

Weekly Resin Report: Price erosion continues in spot resin market

The Plastics Exchange Market Update 12/24/2021

The year ahead in resin pricing

SABIC introduces new grades of Noryl PPO/PPE aimed at battery module housings

Industry group says that elevated prices likely in 2022

This Week in History

January 5, 1918: The American Cellulose and Chemical Manufacturing Company was founded. They would change their name to Celanese in 1927.

Weekly News Digest 12/27/2021

Lanxess develops new FR PA6 grade for electrical connectors

Lubrizol expands US Medical Device Design Center in CA

Teknor Apex adds new co-extrusion line for R&D

Japanese University develops new TPE material

Total Corbian to rebrand as TotalEnergies Corbian

Fire at ExxonMobil Baytown TX plant injures 4

Formosa faces new fines for Texas pellet pollution

TotalEnergies and Plastic Omnium to develop recycled materials for auto industry

This Week In History

January 1, 1960: DuPont launches Delrin POM

Weekly News Digest December 20, 2021

Weekly Resin Report: Pricing power now in hands of processors

The Plastics Exchange Market Update 12/10/2021

Mixed pricing outlook for volume resins

Huntsman develops new TPU to replace EVA for footwear applications

ExxonMobil announces PE price increase for January

Chevron Phillips to begin construction of new PP plant in Baytown TX

LyondellBasell, Equistar & Dow plan to increase PE prices in January

Westlake also announces PE increase

Weekly News Digest December 13, 2021

Weekly Resin Report: Significant price relief for processors in Q4

The Plastics Exchange Market Update 12/3/2021

Ascend acquires Japanese compounder DM Color Mexicana

Celanese completes acquisition of Santoprene brand from ExxonMobil

Kraiburg TPE introduces TPE grades for drinking water applications

Braskem shuts down PP plant in LaPorte TX after leak discovered

Bamberger becomes authorized distributor for entire SABIC product line

European polymer prices soar

This Week in History

December 12, 1846: Eugen Baumann, who is credited with inventing PVC was born

December 15, 1939: Commercial production of Nylon 66 begins at a DuPont plant in Seaford Delaware