Weekly News Digest May 10, 2021

Supply shortfall continues in PP even as prices ease (behind paywall)

CP Chem to add PE feedstock capacity (behind paywall)

No injuries reported after fire at Florida Ascend plant (behind paywall)

Trinseo completes acquisition of Arkema’s PMMA business

Researchers develop microcapsules filled with lubricants for self-lubricating plastics

DSM launches new grades for medical devices

BASF PPSU grade used to make new baby bottles

This week in History

May 15, 1940: The first nylon stockings, manufactured from DuPont nylon 66, were shipped to retail stores.

Weekly News Digest May 3, 2021

Weekly Resin Report: Buyers drag feet, hoping price relief is in pipeline

The Plastics Exchange Market Update April 23, 2021

PE, PVC, PS resin prices continue to rise (behind paywall)

European resin prices rise to record highs

Compounder, Foster Corp inks sales agreement with Drake Medical

DSM debuts portfolio of medical grade materials

Nova declares force majeure on PE after mechanical issue at Ontario facility

DOMO launches PA66 grade for laser welding

Solvay launches new PPA grades for metal replacement applications