News Digest 6/19/2017

Long Row of Typewriters

Trinseo to acquire Italian TPU and EVA supplier

Solvay conducting studies to see how compatible its PPS resins are with automatic transmission fluid

Weekly Resin Report: No June gloom in spot resin markets

SABIC declares “force majeure” for Lexan resin after equipment problems shut it’s Burkville Alabama plant

Commodity resin prices drop in May

Ineos investing more than 2 billion dollars in European expansion

Celanese to open acetal plant in Saudi Arabia later this year

Lanxess offering two new flame retardant glass fiber reinforced nylon 6 materials


The Much Maligned Clam Shell Blister Pack


No, not that kind of clam shell. No one has a problem with that. You know what I’m talking about, the clear, impossible to open, nearly sliced your hand off while trying to open it with a butcher knife, packaging that everything from toys to batteries seems to arrive in. This kind:


I’m not going to try to dissuade you from despising this type of packaging. I just want to explain what they are made of and why they are used.

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