Weekly News Digest: January 27, 2023

Resin Price Report: PE exports set all-time record

The Plastics Exchange Market Update: January 23, 2023

Severe weather hits Houston area petrochemical and resin producers

Dow cutting 2,000 jobs

Carbon black supplier Orion reduces air emissions with new technology

Rohm opens new innovation center in Wallingford CT

This Week in History

February 1, 2002: ExxonMobil becomes the sole owner of Advanced Elastomer Systems and the Santoprene product line.

February 4, 1941: Roy J Plunkett was granted a patent for “Tetrafluoroethylene Polymers” also known as Teflon.

Weekly News Digest: January 23, 2023

Resin Price Report: PP contracts could see steep increase this month

The Plastics Exchange Market Update: January 13, 2023

New leadership at Covestro’s US operations

BASF to expand MDI plant in Geismar Louisiana

New York bans PFAS in food packaging

Dow Chemical reduces PE price increase for January and adds one for February

Kraiburg develops new TPEs for commercial food equipment

Amapcet launches new colorants for electrical and electronics applications

Graphene nanotubes reduce static build up in TPU hoses

This Week in History

January 29, 1938: Paul Schlack at IG Farben invents nylon 6

Weekly News Digest January 16, 2023

Resin Price Report: Prices rise at start of new year

The Plastics Exchange Market Update: January 6, 2023

Nexeo to distribute Teknor Apex TPEs in Europe

DSM launches 2 new grades for pressure vessels for hydrogen storage

CAI introduces new FR additives for PC film

Avient launches cross-linkable formulations for photovoltaic cables

Chevron Phillips to construct new petrochemical complex in Qatar

Corpus Christi Polymer resumes construction of PTA/PET plant

Recycled material prices show stability heading into 2023

This Week in History

January 17, 1977: Monsanto registers the trade name Santoprene

Weekly News Digest: January 2, 2023

No notable news during this holiday week. If you haven’t already read them, I would highly recommend that you read a series of articles from Plastics Technology Magazine about the history of polymers. They are a fascinating look at the history of all of the plastic materials that we use. It gets a little deep into the chemistry but most of the material is suitable for the lay person. Here is a link to the first of 24 articles in the ongoing series:

Tracing the History of Polymeric materials Part 1

This Week in History

January 5, 1918: The American Cellulose and Chemical Manufacturing company was founded. This company’s name would become Celanese Corporation of American in 1927

Weekly News Digest December 26, 2022

Resin Price Report: Increases on the table for January

The Plastics Exchange Market Update: December 16, 2022

Trinseo realigning production to reduce costs

ExxonMobil doubles PP capacity at Baton Rouge LA plant

Opinion: Is chemical recycling a silver bullet or a lead balloon?

2022: Mergers and acquisitions that made headlines this year

Resin producers looking to open 2023 with price increases

European resin prices under pressure from low demand and falling costs

This Week in History

January 1, 1960: DuPont introduces Delrin acetal resin to the market

Weekly News Digest: December 19, 2022

Resin Price Report: Little joy ahead of the holidays

The Plastics Exchange Market Update: December 9, 2022

North American PET recycling reaches record highs

Polykemi begins production at second plant in China

Bruggemann develops new heat stabilizer additives for Nylon that is copper and halogen free

Rohm to purchase Lexan sheet business from SABIC

The Plastics Police had a banner year

Ascend develops new Hi-Dura MED grades of nylon for medical applications

SABIC launches new Ultem grades for consumer electronic applications

Avient launches new long glass fiber reinforced polyketone grades

Ensign equipment expands assembly plant for auxiliary equipment

Celanese develops new technology to bond nylon to aluminum

Merry Christmas from The Weekly Pellet

Weekly News Digest December 12, 2022

Resin Price Report: Traditional year-end deals may not materialize

The Plastics Exchange Market Update December 2, 2022

Opinion: Plastics are Inert, Non-Toxic and Widely Myth-Understood

ExxonMobil starts up new PP plant in Baton Rouge

Victrex receives NSF 61 approval on its FG series PEEK

Resin producers push for PE price increases for January

This Week in History

December 12, 1846: Eugen Baumann who is credited with inventing PVC was born

December 15, 1939: Commercial production of nylon 66 begins at DuPont plant in Seaford Delaware

Weekly News Digest: December 5, 2022

Resin Price Report: Strike would derail supply chain

The Plastics Exchange Market Update 11/25/22

Prices flat for PE, down for PP, PS, PVC, up for PET

Polyplastics develops void prediction technology for POM products

Ascend launches new PA 66 grades for medical applications

This Week in History

December 7, 1909: Leo Baekland patents Bakelite phenolic resin which becomes the world’s first commercial synthetic plastic

Weekly News Report: November 28, 2022

The Plastics Exchange Market Update: 11/18/2022

Songwon debuts new UV absorber additives

Report highlights problems with the collection and sorting of post-consumer plastic scrap

This Week in History

November 28, 1837: John Wesley Hyatt, the inventor of the injection molding machine, was born in Starkey NY

November 30, 2011: INEOS and BASF form a joint venture to produce styrenics called Styrolution