Weekly News Digest 6/14/2021

Weekly Resin Report: Unprecedented shortfall maintains pricing pressure

The Plastics Exchange Market Update 6/4/2021

Evonik partners with Stanford University on polymer based drug delivery

New TPE based wine corks look like natural corks

PET distributor, PolyQuest begins construction on new facility in SC

Thermoplastics market expects healthy 6% growth this decade

Company installs acrylic swimming pool suspended 115 feet in the air in London

Ascend expands nylon production to meet growing demand

Covestro develops TPU for high-speed signal transmission for 5G devices

Mitsubishi unveils new POM grades for medical device applications

Swedish compounder Polykemi building compounding plants in the US and China

This Week In History

June 17, 1988: Borg Warner announces sale of chemical division, including Cycolac ABS, to GE Plastics.

Weekly News Digest June 7, 2021

Weekly Resin Report: Flurry of trading activity closes the month

The Plastics Exchange Market Update May 28, 2021

Resin pricing rockets up in May (behind paywall)

Propylene monomer prices surge

Biden admin discussing a 3 year ban on permitting for new plastic material production plants

Nexeo Plastics acquires Italian resin distributor Nevicolor

Resin distributor BARplast opens in Texas (behind paywall)

Solvay employee accuses firm of sharing customer info with China (behind paywall)

Prime Polymer to build new PP plant in Japan

UL recognizes Teknor Apex’s low smoke FR compounds as halogen free


If you think plant based polymers are better for the planet, you’re barking up the wrong tree

Weekly News Digest May 31, 2021

Weekly Resin Report: Fasten your seatbelts, hurricane season is coming

The Plastics Exchange Market Update 5/21/2021

Arkema to acquire Italian compounder Agiplast

Demand continues to hit PE, PVC resin prices (behind paywall)

LyondellBasell clarifies PP pricing for May and June


Science should be the bottom line for the plastics industry

This Week in History

June 2, 1947: Earl Tupper patents a plastic resealable container

Weekly News Digest May 17, 2021

Weekly Resin Report: Demand rises to start the month and so does pricing

The Plastics Exchange Market Update 5/7/2021

Commodity resin prices keep on climbing

Upbeat Lanxess raises forecast (behind paywall)

No injuries reported after 2nd fire in 5 days at Ascend plant in Florida

Avient launches new TPE grades with anti-microbial technology

This Week in History

May 21, 2007: GE announces that is selling it’s plastics division to SABIC

Weekly News Digest May 10, 2021

Supply shortfall continues in PP even as prices ease (behind paywall)

CP Chem to add PE feedstock capacity (behind paywall)

No injuries reported after fire at Florida Ascend plant (behind paywall)

Trinseo completes acquisition of Arkema’s PMMA business

Researchers develop microcapsules filled with lubricants for self-lubricating plastics

DSM launches new grades for medical devices

BASF PPSU grade used to make new baby bottles

This week in History

May 15, 1940: The first nylon stockings, manufactured from DuPont nylon 66, were shipped to retail stores.

Weekly News Digest May 3, 2021

Weekly Resin Report: Buyers drag feet, hoping price relief is in pipeline

The Plastics Exchange Market Update April 23, 2021

PE, PVC, PS resin prices continue to rise (behind paywall)

European resin prices rise to record highs

Compounder, Foster Corp inks sales agreement with Drake Medical

DSM debuts portfolio of medical grade materials

Nova declares force majeure on PE after mechanical issue at Ontario facility

DOMO launches PA66 grade for laser welding

Solvay launches new PPA grades for metal replacement applications

Weekly News Digest 4/16/2021

Weekly Resin Report: Price gap between contract and spot resin markets

The Plastics Exchange Market Update April 9, 2021

PP prices down, other commodity prices up in a turbulent March (behind paywall)

European plastic industry faces extreme raw material shortages and price increases

Raw material shortages pose threat to European production

Domo Chemicals develops new nylon 66 for laser welding applications

Avient launches new specialty toners for polycarbonate

SABIC launches recycled ocean bound plastic material

Teknor Apex launches FR nylon with high strength and superior surface finish

This Week in History

April 21, 1801: E.I Dupont DeNemours and Company was founded in Wilmington Delaware

April 22, 1987: GE Plastics trademarks Noryl GTX

April 25, 1961: Ravago is founded in Belgium

Weekly News Digest 4/12/2021

Weekly Resin Report: Supply/Demand equilibrium remains work in progress

The Plastics Exchange Market Update April 2, 2021

Commodity resin prices rise, but PP falls

Kuraray resumes production at Texas plants (behind paywall)

Hunt for resin continues, even as supplies improve (behind paywall)

Resin and scrap broker, Shaw Bros Co. files chapter 11 (behind paywall)

Americhem expands PA compounding plant (behind paywall)

Celanese adding capacity for resin and compounds (behind paywall)

RadiciGroup invests in new production capacity

Lanxess co-developing a transmission oil pan molded from PA6

BASF introduces new PPA for thin walled electrical connectors

RIP Hyman Shuman, founder of Shuman Plastics