Weekly News Update March 14, 2022

Weekly Resin Report: Demand surges, prices rise as war in Ukraine and sanctions take their toll

The Plastics Exchange Market Update March 4, 2022

BASF and Covestro expanding production in India

Lubrizol develops TPU for synthetic leather applications

Kraton Polymers announces April 1 price increase

Kraiburg TPE introduces new grades with 40% recycled content

Polyplastics develops new PP material reinforced with regenerated cellulose fiber

This Week in History

March 14, 1876: Otto Rohm was born in Ohringen Germany. He was a chemist who was instrumental in the development of acrylic, was one of the founders of Rohm & Haas Company and would register the trade name Plexiglass.

Weekly News Digest March 7, 2022

Weekly Resin Report: Sellers slow-walk sales in anticipation of more price hikes ahead

The Plastics Exchange Market Update 2/25/22

Global sanctions on Russia likely to shake up resin trade

The Compound Company acquires Exxelor additive line from Esso

Exhibitors’ NPE2021 fees will be applied to space at NPE2024

Covestro starts up PC compounding lines at new plant in India

Solvay wants to boost its sulfone polymers business in the US

Borouge successfully starts up new PP plant in the UAE

Key US shipping ports continue to see record activity in January

INEOS Aromatics sinks millions into updating Indonesian PTA plant

Indorama ventures reports record 2021 sales

Plastics Technology magazine launches new industry trade show to run in NPE off years

Weekly News Digest February 28, 2022

Weekly Resin Report: Supply-chain issues continue to snarl activity

The Plastics Exchange Market Update 2/18/2022

DSM to increase engineering material capacity in China

International Bottled Water Association wants end to PET import duties

Solvay to increase PSU capacity in US

Explosion at Mitsubishi PET plant in Indonesia injures 6

Explosion at Marathon Louisiana PGP plant injures 5

This Week in History

February 28, 1935: Wallace Carothers at DuPont invents nylon 66

March 5, 1963: The Hula Hoop was patented. It was made of HDPE from Phillips Petroleum

Weekly News Digest February 21, 2022

Weekly Resin Report: Events in Canada add to supply chain woes

The Plastics Exchange Market Update 2/11/2022

Star Plastics adds new compounding line

Dow reducing February PE price increases

Celanese to buy DuPont’s engineering materials and elastomers business

Delrin POM not included in the deal but they are also looking to sell that off

This Week in History

February 27, 1856: German chemist Alfred Einhorn was born. He is thought to have accidentally discovered polycarbonate in a laboratory in 1898. He also invented Novacain.

Weekly News Digest February 14, 2022

Weekly Resin Report: Processors bet on further price cuts in vain

The Plastics Exchange Market Update 2/4/2022

INEOS Styrolution starts ABS production at Wingles France facility

BASF expands its PA and PPA offerings in Europe

Bad weather in Texas disrupts production at several resin plants

TotalEnergies aims for mid 2022 startup for ethane cracker and PE plant in Port Arthur TX

This Week in History

February 16, 1901: John Rex Whinfield, who patented PET fiber in 1949 was born.

February 20, 1987: US regulators approve acquisition of Celanese Corporation of America by West German company Hoechst AG.

Weekly News Digest February 7, 2022

Weekly Resin Report: Processors eager to make deals, sensing looming price hikes

The Plastics Exchange Market Update 1/28/2022

MIT develops new polymer that is twice as strong as steel

Solvay expanding PVDF capacity at French plant

Arkema increasing PVDF capacity in China

DOMO makes Technyl brand nylon available to global customers

ExxonMobil to increase resin production in 2022

Texas power grid expected to see high demand during extreme cold

TotalEnergies to add logistics surcharge to all of its products

Shell plans to startup its massive chemical complex in PA this year

This Week in History

February 11, 1942: DuPont stops producing nylon stockings and transitions to parachute production for the WWII.

Weekly News Digest January 31, 2022

Weekly Resin Report: Spot PE, PP prices rebound

The Plastics Exchange Market Update 1/21/2022

Coalition launches new war against BPA (which is already been removed from everything)

Lubrizol launches new non-halogenated FR TPU for wire and cable

Dow expects global PE demand to stay strong in 2022

European resin prices remain firm amid tight supply

This Week in History

February 1, 2002: ExxonMobil becomes the sole owner of Advanced Elastomer Systems and the Santoprene product line.

February 4, 1941: Roy J Plunkett was granted a patent for “Tetrafluoroethylene Polymers” also known as Teflon.

Weekly News Digest January 24, 2022

Weekly Resin Report: Trading activity starts the new year with a bang

The Plastics Exchange Market Update 1/14/22

Prices drop for polyolefins and PET

TotalEnergies to commission new PP reactor at its plant in Belgium

Arkema to increase capacity for its Pebax brand TPE

PolyPlastics develops new joining technology for plastic parts

Dow to increase PE prices for January and February

More price increases planned for PE in February

New ExxonMobil and SABIC JV petrochemical plant int TX starts up

Braskem expands propylene export capability at NJ plant

CAI Performance Additives introduces new light stabilizing masterbatches

OCSiAI introduces new graphene nanotube concentrate

Sun Chemical develops new “intense” blue pigment

This Week in History

January 29, 1938: Paul Schlack at IG Farben invents nylon 6

Weekly News Digest January 17, 2022

Hexpol TPE develops bio based TPE for Yoga Mats

Fire at PMC Biogenix plant may impact film grade additives

Ascend to build nylon feedstock plant in China

Medical PVC industry in Europe fighting back against paper urging the phasing out of PVC

Thailand’s PTT forced to shut down LLDPE plant over technical issue

Oman’s OQ Chem shut down PP plant due to sea water backflow issue

This Week in History

1/17/1977: Monsanto registers the brand name Santoprene