Weekly News Digest 1/9/2017

Long Row of Typewriters

German supplier, Velox GmbH introduces new line of purging compounds

Center for Automotive Research says that further lightweighting of vehicles will require more extensive use of plastics and composites

New tabletop injection molding machine on the market

Weekly Resin Report: PE price increase rumored for February

A new documentary movie about the invention of Bakelite plastic


News Digest 12/19/2016


PET containers with metal vacuum closures could replace glass

Weekly Resin Report: Processors limit PP purchases, anticipating further, possibly elusive, price cuts

Polymer Technology and Services expands the Tristar line of flame retardant PC 

Carbon fiber reinforced plastic market to grow 12% per year

Solvay to sell Thai PVC manufacturer to Asahi Glass


News Digest 11/21/2016

Citizen Kane

Solvay’s Ryton PPS used in new racing electric coolant pump

A. Schulman makes cuts to it’s middle management staff

New Alliance of North American plastic recyclers

New lock out rules for Michigan injection molders begins January 1, 2017 Also here

Weekly Resin Report: Election results rattle resin export market

Solvay launches new nylon materials with improved heat performance

Elix Polymers introducing new lower density PC/ABS grades