Weekly News Digest 4/24/2017


Commodity material prices increase in March

Companies working to develop new nano-cellulose reinforced material

New M&G PET plant back on schedule after problems with contractor

Akzo Nobel to separate chemicals arm

ExxonMobil and SABIC to build joint polyethylene plant in Corpus Christi TX and Here

Nova buying majority stake in olefins plant

US production of polyethylene to exceed domestic demand

Weekly Resin Report: Processors seek to shore up depleted inventories



News Digest 4/17/2017


Editors Note: Sorry about the news digest not being posted last week. I had a bit of a family emergency.

Japan Polypropylene introduces new grade of glass fiber reinforced TPO for automotive interior parts

Invista develops new nylon 1,6 resin

Weekly Resin Report (4/11/2017): Processor and supplier activity picks up at start of Q2

New Clariant master-batches boost properties for recycled PET and PLA

Weekly Resin Report (4/4/2017): Spot polypropylene prices develop steep discounts to contracts

PS, PVC prices climb in March

Formosa shuts down PVC plant after leak

Miliken & Company acquires Keystone Aniline

European compounders threatened by tight titanium dioxide supplies


News Digest 4/3/2017


Clariant introduces low VOC stabilizer packages for automotive interior plastics

Trinseo doubles down on medical market, achieves ISO 13485 certification

Weekly Resin Report II: Flow of offers improves, prompted by better liquidity for most materials

Compounding Solutions to provide compounding for Lubrizol medical grade polyurethanes

Solvay sells cross-linkable compounds unit

Nova, Borealis and Total Petrochemicals to form joint venture to make PE in Texas

Americhem to overhaul UK manufacturing site


All About Moisture Analyzers

Image: Sartorius

A moisture analyzer is a great tool for any plastic processor to have. It will tell you for sure that you are drying the material adequately. It is also a great tool for material suppliers to have so that they can aid customers who are trying to troubleshoot problems.

How exactly a moisture analyzer works seems like a bit of witchcraft. You put a bit of material in, you choose some type of program and hit the start button. Ten to twenty minutes later, the readout shows a percentage. The process is a little bit more complex than just heating the material and burning off the moisture weighing the sample before and after. You don’t need a moisture analyzer to do that, you can do that with a lab dryer and lab balance. How does it work?

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News Digest 3/20/2017


New 6500 ton injection molding machine to mold septic tanks

BASF to invest in new additives plant in China

Spanish oil company Repsol introduces line of PP, PE and EVA for medical applications

Toho Tenax develops new carbon fiber reinforced PEEK based on recycled feedstocks

Weekly resin report: Spot PP and PE prices ease back a penny

Chevron Phillips declares force majeure on HDPE

Nylon 6 and 6/6 price increases take hold

Teknor Apex inks nylon distribution deal with M. Holland

Dow veteran joins PolyOne board

Lanxess’ transformation leads to solid 2016 financial results

French start-up advances milk-based bioplastics

US Navy develops new transparent TPE armor

Russian supplier Sibur sees growth in polyolefin

Get Your Pressure Right

Hydraulic Pressure vs Plastic Pressure

When we refer to injection pressure, we can be talking about one of two things. We can be talking about hydraulic pressure which refers to the pressure that the hydraulic ram is exerting on the screw or we can be talking about plastic pressure which is the pressure that the screw puts on the melted plastic.

These two are not the same thing and if you specify an injection pressure range on your processing guides, you should only specify hydraulic pressure and you should be very clear about it.

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