Virtue Signaling in the Petrochemicals Industry

Virtue Signaling: noun

Definition: the action or practice of publicly expressing opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one’s good character or the moral correctness of one’s position on a particular issue.

It seems odd that large chemical and petroleum companies spend big bucks on 30 second TV ads. The ExxonMobil “To-Do List” advertisement, like all of these ads, does not ask you to buy or consider any particular product. BASF runs similar ads on television and I don’t think that you can buy a BASF branded product at the store (I used to buy their blank audio cassettes back in the day to make mix tapes though).

In other news, the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus is closing after more than 100 years in operation. Maybe they needed to run some ads.

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Weekly News Digest 1/9/2017

Long Row of Typewriters

German supplier, Velox GmbH introduces new line of purging compounds

Center for Automotive Research says that further lightweighting of vehicles will require more extensive use of plastics and composites

New tabletop injection molding machine on the market

Weekly Resin Report: PE price increase rumored for February

A new documentary movie about the invention of Bakelite plastic


Nylon -vs- Polyester


Boxing in heals?

Although nylon 6/6 is much more commonly used than polyester (PBT) for injection molding applications, you might be surprised that these materials are relatively similar in properties.

There are, however, a few differences that might make one or the other better for a particular application.

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News Digest 12/19/2016


PET containers with metal vacuum closures could replace glass

Weekly Resin Report: Processors limit PP purchases, anticipating further, possibly elusive, price cuts

Polymer Technology and Services expands the Tristar line of flame retardant PC 

Carbon fiber reinforced plastic market to grow 12% per year

Solvay to sell Thai PVC manufacturer to Asahi Glass