Weekly News Digest September 19, 2022

Resin Price Report: Spot PP prices remain well discounted to contracts

The Plastics Exchange Market Update: September 9, 2022

Lubrizol starts up new TPU line at Shanghai plant

Plastics sector jumps from eighth to sixth largest US industry

SABIC launches new PC copolymer grades for train seating applications that meet tough regulatory requirements

Railway strike averted for now

Millikin & Company starts construction of new PP clarifier plant in SC

DSM completes upgrades to Evansville IN compounding plant

Conair’s new moisture monitor system provides instant readings to confirm drying effectiveness

Opinion: Chemical and mechanical recycling can coexist. Will they?

Weekly News Digest September 12, 2022

Resin Price Report: New signs point to market rebound

The Plastics Exchange Market Update: September 2, 2022

Worker killed in accident at Rhetech plant

Researchers develop self-sterilizing LDPE film

Toray announces withdrawal of UL certification on 10 different Toyolac ABS grades

BASF starts construction on new plant in China

Sinochem International opens new plant in China

Ravago to distribute Celanese TPV brands, Santoprene and Geolast in the US

Mitsui Chemicals to increase capacity at elastomer plant in Singapore

SABIC launches new grades aimed at automotive sat-nav antenna applications

This Week in History

September 18, 1789: Johann Eduard Simon who accidentally discovered polystyrene was born.

Weekly News Digest: September 6, 2022

Resin Price Report: Has resin pricing hit bottom?

The Plastics Exchange Market Update: August 26, 2022

SABIC launches 2 new glass fiber PP grades for automotive applications

LG Chemical to build new carbon fiber nanotube plant

Lubrizol installs additional line at TPU plant in China

Kraton to expand its SBC plant in Taiwan

ADM and LG Chemical to launch 2 new joint ventures to produce PLA in the US

This Week in History

September 10, 1898: Waldo Eduard Semon was born. He did not invent PVC but is credited with turning PVC into a commercially viable product in 1926

Weekly News Digest August 29, 2022

Resin Price Report: Spot prices drop as producers shed inventory

The Plastics Exchange Market Update: August 19, 2022

SABIC SK Nexlene to expand POE and POP capacity in Korea

EPA proposes adding DINP plasticizers to list of toxic chemicals

Netherlands based IMCD acquires Mexican material distributor PromaPlast

Sabic launches 4 new grades of its chemical resistant LNP CRX PC copolymers

INEOS Styrolution launches new ABS extrusion grade for food trays and sanitary applications

Logistics issues lead Dow to reduce PE production

SABIC launches new grade of Ultem aimed at optical applications

European recycled material prices down except for PET

Wacker introduces new silicone masterbatch additive system for PE compounding

Pilot program in Texas pays people to return PET containers for recycling

Heartland Polymers is North America’s first integrated PDH/PP plant

This Week in History

August 30, 1956: Material distributor, M. Holland Company was founded

August 31, 2000: PolyOne was formed by the consolidation of MA Hanna Company and the Geon Company

Weekly News Digest August 22, 2022

Resin Price Report: Buyers have pricing power, but wrangle with delivery delays

The Plastics Exchange Market Update August 12, 2022

Avient announces that it is selling its distribution business to private equity firm

Port of Las Angeles sees record activity in July

Recycler invests in AI sorting technology

INEOS launches new ABS for thermoforming and extrusion applications

Tolsa develops FR additives for use in nylons

Modern Dispersions researching the use of nanocarbons in additives and masterbatches

Trex expands program to organize recycling collection

Weekly News Digest August 8, 2022

Weekly Resin Report: Ample supply meets listless demand with predictable results

The Plastics Exchange Market Update: July 29, 2022

Compounder, Aurora Plastics breaks ground on new facility in Ohio

Covestro warns that Ukraine war could cause supply disruptions this winter

Lanxess introduces new FR PBT grade for high voltage electrical connectors

SABIC introduces new PEI grade aimed at 5G applications

New crosslinking technology promises thinner and stronger PE films

INEOS develops new line of styrenic based additives for compounders

Weekly News Digest August 1, 2022

Weekly Resin Report: Spot and contract resin pricing on downward spiral

The Plastics Exchange Market Update: July 22, 2022

Trinseo decides not to sell its styrenics business for now

OQ Chemicals to build MMA plant in Bay City TX

This Week in History

August 7, 1919: J Paul Hogan, the inventor of polypropylene at Phillips Petroleum was born.

Weekly News Digest July 25, 2022

Weekly Resin Report: Processors savor rare taste of resin pricing power

The Plastics Exchange Market Update: July 15, 2022

Resin pricing outlook from ICIS (audio podcast and text)

Corpus Christi Polymers to resume construction of PTA-PET plant in TX

Bayport Polymers starts up new PE plant in TX

This Week in History

July 28, 1907: Earl Tupper, the founder of Tupperware was born in Berlin NH

July 29, 1941: PET was patented by John Rex Whinfield & James Tennant Dickson