Weekly News Digest 6/14/2021

Weekly Resin Report: Unprecedented shortfall maintains pricing pressure

The Plastics Exchange Market Update 6/4/2021

Evonik partners with Stanford University on polymer based drug delivery

New TPE based wine corks look like natural corks

PET distributor, PolyQuest begins construction on new facility in SC

Thermoplastics market expects healthy 6% growth this decade

Company installs acrylic swimming pool suspended 115 feet in the air in London

Ascend expands nylon production to meet growing demand

Covestro develops TPU for high-speed signal transmission for 5G devices

Mitsubishi unveils new POM grades for medical device applications

Swedish compounder Polykemi building compounding plants in the US and China

This Week In History

June 17, 1988: Borg Warner announces sale of chemical division, including Cycolac ABS, to GE Plastics.

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