Weekly News Digest January 24, 2022

Weekly Resin Report: Trading activity starts the new year with a bang

The Plastics Exchange Market Update 1/14/22

Prices drop for polyolefins and PET

TotalEnergies to commission new PP reactor at its plant in Belgium

Arkema to increase capacity for its Pebax brand TPE

PolyPlastics develops new joining technology for plastic parts

Dow to increase PE prices for January and February

More price increases planned for PE in February

New ExxonMobil and SABIC JV petrochemical plant int TX starts up

Braskem expands propylene export capability at NJ plant

CAI Performance Additives introduces new light stabilizing masterbatches

OCSiAI introduces new graphene nanotube concentrate

Sun Chemical develops new “intense” blue pigment

This Week in History

January 29, 1938: Paul Schlack at IG Farben invents nylon 6

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