Weekly News Digest October 24, 2022

Resin Price Report: Prime PE, PP resin prices slip some more

The Plastics Exchange Market Update: October 14, 2022

E-bike company shows prototype airless tires made from Hytrel

New VW van uses largest ever thermoplastic tailgate

Ascend develops new FR nylon grades for EV applications

EU approves Celanese’s acquisition of DuPont’s materials businesses

Ascend launches new nylon 66 grades for medical applications

This Week in History

October 24, 1911: Nathanial C Wyeth who patented the PET bottle in 1973 was born.

October 25, 2013: Celanese announces that the Ticona company name will be removed from its polymer products, such as Celcon brand acetal, and replaced with the Celanese company name. Ticona was formed in 1963 as a joint venture between Celanese Corporation of America and Hoechst AG.

October 27, 1938: DuPont officially unveils a new product called “Nylon” to the public.

October 30, 1956: Neal MacDonald Robert at DuPont is granted a patent for acetal homopolymer.

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