Weekly News Digest: March 20, 2023

Resin Price Report: Soaring monomer costs push up polypropylene prices

The Plastics Exchange Market Update: March 10, 2023

New compounder, Orion Performance Compounds, opens plant in South Carolina

INEOS pigment plant workers in Ohio go on strike

M Holland to distribute Lavergne post-consumer recycled products

Asahi Kasei merging 2 divisions. New company will be called APNA

Bruggemann develops new stabilizer for aliphatic nylons

Polyplastics targets automotive applications with its cellulose fiber filled PP

Opinion: Polyolefins outlook is for continued slow growth

This Week in History

March 22, 1949: A patent was issued on PET fiber to John Rex Whinfield and James Tennant Dickson

March 23, 1881: Hermann Stoudinger, who first characterized macromolecules as polymers, was born. He would win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1953

March 26, 1956: Polypropylene was patented by Paul Hogan at Phillips Petroleum

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