Weekly News Digest: February 20, 2023

Resin Price Report: Prime resin availability continues to contract

The Plastics Exchange Market Update: February 10 2023

INEOS to build new PE plant in Belgium which it says is the most environmentally friendly plant ever built

PolyPlastics develops new conductive PBT for millimeter wave radar applications

Hard to recycle PEX pipes get new lease on life via chemical recycling

PetroChina to again license LyondellBasell’s polyethylene technology

BASF develops new TPU foaming technology that does not use chemical blowing agent

Covestro develops ultra-durable PC for healthcare applications

Toray to increase PPS capacity in Korea

Avient launches polyolefins filled with cellulose fiber and waste coffee grounds

CAI Performance Additives develops new anti-hydrolysis additives for nylons, polyesters and urethanes

ACI Plastics to expand its recycling operations in Michigan

This Week in History

February 20, 1987: US regulators approve acquisition of Celanese Corporation of America by West German company Hoechst AG

February 25, 1928: Shi Wen Long, the founder of Chi Mei Corporation which is the world’s largest ABS producer was born in Tainan Taiwan

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